Your Smartphone Can be the Key to your Door

by Gustavo on May 22, 2011 · 1 comment · Mobile Apps

Technology is ready to “invade” our everyday life. Because it’s doing it gradually, we are not aware of the impact of the “invasion”. Today, few people can live without their cellphone and in the coming years, the smartphone will be a valuable aid in our lives, from social to the fact… that it will be able to open the door of our house.

It may seem unreal, but the truth is that today we have at the tip of the finger a lot of information vital to our survival.

What do you think about using your smartphone to open the door of our house? Easy, buy a Lockitron kit!

It’s not news that the iPhone, for example, can open doors or drive a car remotely. The most interesting fact is that these small “luxuries” can be purchased at affordable prices.

Lockitron Lock Unlock Door Remotely With Smartphone
Lockitron is a technology of locks that takes advantage of new technologies that are found on smartphones. Google launched the Nexus S, which is equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

This technology allows you to control systems that monitor the doors that are equipped with this type of lock.

Moreover, the devices allow Lockitron to also make use of WiFi communications and so we can provide access to a friend or family member to our home or office, without us having to get up when our guests arrive. If we are not home and we need someone with access to our home, we send a code via SMS and this will be attended by the service that supports the technology embedded in the lock. Of course, the traditional use of a physical key is provided.

The value of the kit is already on sale for $295. Service is still in beta.

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Katherine from Plumbing May 24, 2011 at 8:54 pm

I think this is incredibly cool. I wonder if in the future their will be a geolocator associated with it so that as long as you are close to the door with you Iphone the door will be unlocked, when you go a certain distance from the lock the door becomes locked. Good article!


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