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LG G3 Analogy on the Teaser Video

May 17, 2014

Since everything about the LG G3 was officially kept hidden before the official teaser video came out; everyone thought rumors and leaks would be the only source to know about it beforehand. The official teaser video was then released and changed many ideas that was generated earlier. And the video seemed like focusing more on the camera; since it started showcasing the camera. That suspicious black sensor-like object right beside the camera lens – everyone is looking for the answer; [...]

What are Gadgets?

June 27, 2011
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What are Gadgets? For technology enthusiasts, the term Gadget is very common and popular, but the internet is not composed only of these users. For those that don’t know or are unsure what a Gadget is, today we will define it for you all, so that everyone can know what a gadget is. What are Gadgets Technological Term? Gadget is a recent technological term that refers to, generically, a device that has a purpose and a specific function, practical and [...]

RoboPutt: Vending Machine For Golf Lessons

February 13, 2011
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The concept of the vending machine that sells you candy and chocolates is in the past. Now the same model is used to sell things more complex and expensive. Now you can buy things such as music players, games, among others. But now we can add another service: golf lessons. We are talking about RoboPutt. This is a small robot that teaches you how to hit the golf ball according to data obtained from your own shots. To start, you [...]