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What are Gadgets? For technology enthusiasts, the term Gadget is very common and popular, but the internet is not composed only of these users. For those that don’t know or are unsure what a Gadget is, today we will define it for you all, so that everyone can know what a gadget is.

What are Gadgets Technological Term?

Gadget is a recent technological term that refers to, generically, a device that has a purpose and a specific function, practical and useful in everyday life. They commonly call gadgets all the portable electronic devices such as PDAs, phones, smartphones, MP3 players, among others. In other words, an electronic item.

What are Gadgets?

What are Gadgets on the Internet and Computers?

On the Internet or within a computer system (operating system, web browser or desktop) they also call gadget a small software or software module, tool or service that can be added to a higher platform.

On the website iGoogle, for example, you can add some of the many gadgets available. Google Desktop, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, KDE and Gnome are environments that accept some specific types of gadgets, adding functionality to the desktop computer.

What are Gadgets Social Status?

Gadgets have a social status (in addition to the logical purpose of the device), when dealing with high-priced equipment. To the extent that relate mostly the latest technology devices come with often high prices. The term Gadget is in reference to a technology product for a few, but it’s used generically when it comes to software.

We hope that after reading this article you will have a better understanding of what gadgets are and that we have answered the following question: “What are Gadgets?”.

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