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Sony Confirms the PlayStation Tablet – S1

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Sony continues expanding its successful PlayStation brand among different devices. The Xperia Play was just released a couple of weeks ago and now Sony has confirmed the creation of the Playstation tablet, the S1.

The Japanese company plunges into the tablets market by using a global brand that has been very successful in recent years, thanks to its various video game consoles. Although the tablet market is just starting to boom, Sony will have to compete with some other major companies that have already announced their proposals for this year, in the effort to try to compete with the absolute leader: iPad. Sony will repeat the same formula they used with its new Xperia Play, it will not only be a tablet, but it will also attract more players by offering their PlayStation gaming platform.

It was a rumor that had been going around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) confirmed its existence and that it will be available very soon. The intention of Sony is to put it out on sale later this summer. It’s clear that they can not wait any longer, because the competition is going to be big in the coming months.

Although we still don’t know all the details and there’s no picture of it, we can inform you of some of the interesting features, and I must say that it’s a very interesting model. It will have a 9.4 inches multitouch screen and a very good resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels that will allow us to enjoy great image quality (critical in a device focused on delivering multimedia content). Sony is going to provide enough power through the use of the new Tegra 2 processor. It will use the new Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system to ensure an attractive navigation. But it will come with a custom interface for the company.

Sony wants its tablet to be more centered on its gaming side. It will be served by Qriocity (their new online store, trying to compete with Apple’s iTunes) that offers music, videos, movies, games. Also, its PlayStation certification will allow it to offer its entire platform to PS One games and arcade games.

Other details (which are already known), is that it has two cameras (front to do video conferencing and rear to take photos and record video) and also has the presence of a USB port. We still don’t know the technical details of its battery, but coming from Sony makes us to be pretty sure that it will last for a long period of time.

Sony Playstation Tablet S1
In terms of design, we don’t know anything certain yet because we still have not been able to see it. But we believe it could be quite innovative by providing a folding screen in one of the sides to seek greater comfort and that it can be supported by any platform. We’ll see if Sony surprises us by innovating in a design that is usually fairly generic in all tablets.

These are the details we know so far of the first PlayStation tablet, which is postulated as one of the most promising for this year. It’s going to be difficult having to compete with the new iPad 2, but it can be quite successful by leveraging a brand as famous as PlayStation and offering a product with very interesting characteristics. Furthermore and although it’s not confirmed, Sony would go into the tablet market with a very attractive price: $600 for the version with WiFi and it’s expected to be available in September. We will continue to monitor this product and we will keep you informed as more details get revealed.

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