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HTC Sensation: An Spectacular Mobile Phone

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The Taiwanese company has revealed its most powerful mobile model, the new HTC Sensation. It’s an amazing phone with great technical features and benefits that puts it at the top.

HTC convoked the press at the Victoria Hall in London to introduce their new golden boy and they did not disappoint. Because like its name suggests, this mobile transmits a sensational feeling, both by its design, also by its technical specifications and a series of new applications they have incorporated.

HTC Sensation Smartphone Cell Phone
Like other high-end phones that have arisen in recent days, the Sensation is presented as something much more than just a phone, it’s a complete multimedia device. A good example of its power is its dual-core embedded processor Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1.2 GHz, which will allow us to run all kinds of applications, games and videos easily. In terms of storage capacity, it comes with 4 GB of internal memory, which can be expandable to 8 using microSD card.

It comes with a huge screen of 4.3 inches SuperLCD to enjoy our multimedia with a high resolution of 960 × 540 pixels and is widescreen. The Sensation will allow us to take pictures and record video in high quality Full HD through the built-in 8-megapixel camera. This camera incorporates a snapshot so you won’t have to wait, as usual, a few seconds to take the picture. It incorporates the Video Trimmer that will allow us to edit on the same device the videos and upload them quickly to social networks. It also incorporates a second 1-megapixel front camera for video conferencing.

The gadget operates on the Android operating system 2.3 (Gingerbread), but personalized with the latest version of the graphical interface HTC Sense of the own company and allows us to access the main phone functions very quickly and intuitively. HTC Sense also introduced new attractive features, like the new active lock screen can be customized, so even if the phone is locked it will continue to display information about the mail, messages received, time, status changes in social networks, etc.. Also, all the widgets have been enhanced and is now much more attractive to the user.

HTC also introduced a service for selling and renting movies on demand, called HTC Watch. Thus, at any time and from anywhere we have access to major movies and series. It incorporates a very interesting system, because from the moment you start the download you can begin to watch the video. It will continue to download as we watch it, so you don’t have to be waiting for it to download completely before viewing.

HTC Sensation Smartphone Cell Phone
In terms of design it’s following the trend of the previous phones, offering a sleek, modern and quite compact design. The body of the phone is a piece of aluminum, which makes it look very spectacular. In addition, the rounded edges allow a more easier hold, making it more comfortable.

Another interesting fact is that HTC has promised that the duration of the battery increased by 30% over previous models. The “sensations” can’t be better with a phone that is destined to compete face to face with the other high-end phones. It will be available first in Europe starting sometime in May. But it won’t be too long to arrive to the US, although there is no official release date. But you should expect it to be available sometime this summer.

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  1. I know that they claim the battery life is improved by 30% but I have heard that because of the 4G system the battery life might not be exactly as good as HTC says. I also just saw reports that this phone is coming out in early June – can’t wait!

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