Convert CD to MP3 with CDex Portable

June 10, 2011
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Music CDs are becoming obsolete and today it is quite annoying to have to go with these discs wherever we go. In the other hand, MP3 players are much smaller in size and they able to play on mobile phones, car stereos, other music players. Now you can even save them in the cloud, which means that you can have access to them wherever there is an internet connection. If you are one of those tired of having to carry [...] Online Radio – You Are the DJ!

May 21, 2011
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Spreaker’s open platform enables you to host and listen to thousands of radio shows. By registering for free or logging in with a Facebook profile, anyone can become a radio host. No downloading is required and the service is free. Based on User Generated Contents, Spreaker allows you to create and share your own radio show offering you different services: A DJ console for mixing your voice with music tracks and effects, An online library of music with thousands of [...]