PaintBrush – Free Paint Program For Mac OS X

February 8, 2011
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All Mac OS X users have a basic text tool, but not a drawing tool. Paintbrush is an application that comes to fill that role, similar to Windows Paint. Paintbrush is a program that basically works like you used to in MacPaint. It is a simple program that quickly allows you to create drawings with basic, but necessary tools such as brush, eraser, clip, airbrush, and some figures such as zoom, circles and rectangles. The program can open and save [...]

Download Free Studio 5.0 For Free

February 7, 2011
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The Free Studio 5.0 software allows you to convert and process a large number of video, audio and image files  from the same software interface. It’s very simple and very practical. The Multimedia Package from Free Studio 5.0 has a number of great tools that will allow you to edit video, audio, and photos. It also has a great file management and the ability to link your music to iPods, iPhone and Android, among others. Free Studio 5.0 is organized [...]