Droid Kungfu: An Android Virus That is Able to Avoid Antivirus

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The first virus for Android was called DroidDream, but now a new virus has been discovered, the Droid Kungfu, which has the ability to go unnoticed by the Android antivirus.

This new malware is able to avoid the defenses through a “backdoor” or also known as Trojan behavior, after infecting the device it can take control of the functions of the device, including user’s personal data. Droid Kungfu was discovered by U.S. researchers who immediately gave notice to Google.

Andorid Virus Droid Kungfu
At the moment only two devices were reported infected, and both are located in China. Google on their behalf have announced that they are working to identify the scope that the infection has caused and have a better understanding of their behavior.

The virus was tested in two of the best antivirus available for Android and none was able to detect it. Droid Kungfu is functional for OS versions 2.2 (alias Froyo), where it can transform the device into a bot to re-send the virus or to execute actions that are ordered remotely.

If you have an Android device the warning is clear, during the next few days watch out for the applications you download and limit yourself to download them only from official shops: Android Market and Amazon Store.

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TV Online

The Best Applications to Watch TV Online – Top 5

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Ending years of tradition, the TV is no longer the ultimate entertainment center. Now they are being replaced by computers that not only allow us to enjoy our favorite programs, but also enjoy of any other type of entertainment.

Initially it was very difficult to watch TV via the net, but thanks to broadband connections it has become normal and the quality can be well above traditional TV’s, giving us the possibility to access programming from around the world.

TV Online Computer PC Applications
There are many ways to enjoy TV from our computer (video stream, Vcasts, Video on demand), but each has its strengths and weaknesses that vary from user to user. Today we will talk about a simpler alternative: Applications.

To save you time searching, here are the 5 best applications to watch TV online:

This is a program that lets you enjoy thousands of international channels. According to many users, it offers the most extensive library of channels on the internet. Something very interesting is that users can rank the channels or even delete them if they do not work.

Another very interesting application that offers access to hundreds of channels worldwide. An interesting feature of TVU is that it can be used on PC or iPhone through WiFi or 3G.

Probably the best application in the list, Miro has thousands of programs worldwide, including premium content, HD and many of the most successful series of the moment.

This application allows you to enjoy videos of any length right in your browser, which means that we should not consume additional resources. We can also save videos to watch without being connected to the network.

A torrent client used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. In addition to downloading these files, Vuze allows users to watch, publish and share content in high definition.

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