samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6: The sureshot winner!

May 1, 2014

In recent times, Samsung has the world going crazy over the Galaxy S5, which is being quite well received all over, with its impressive features such as the brilliant display and waterproof capabilities. But this just seems to be the beginning for the South Korean electronics giant, which is the most successful smartphone company in the world. Rumors seem to suggest that this legacy will be continued with the Samsung Galaxy S6 next year, and it will be far better [...]

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S6? – Not yet

October 31, 2013

Are you interested in knowing whether you can preorder the Samsung Galaxy S6 now? It’s good curiosity, very understandable. No on can really comprehend what the gadget will bring. If rumors came true, the Galaxy S6 will change the world of Smartphone big-time. Yet, you will be interested to learn that Samsung have not yet started accepting any pre orders for Samsung Galaxy S6! In fact, we are first looking at the imminent release of S5 and probably note 4 [...]

Five reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

October 31, 2013

Samsung galaxy S6 is the new gadget yet to be released in the market. S6 is a phone that you can’t afford not to have. This phone comes with class and features that have never been seen in the history of phones. Everything about this phone will take you away. With the new S6, you will become a slave of your own phone! There are so many reasons why you should go for this phone. But I will give you [...]