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Why Note 4 Has to Be Bigger, Faster and Thinner

March 14, 2014

The Galaxy S5 has won the many hearts with its features and technology at the recently concluded MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung has now got the trick of leaving people amazed with their jaws touching the ground and dreaming to owe one of the devices from them. Now, on the April 11th the Galaxy S5 will be in the hand of people from the 150 countries of the world. After the launch of Galaxy S5, the Samsung will start [...]

Galaxy Note 4 camera 8x better than Note 3 rumored: Specs & Features

October 31, 2013

Just couple of weeks ago, Galaxy Note 3 started its journey and now its big brother Galaxy Note 4 has started coming in the breaking news. Here comes the information regarding the upcoming camera sensor in the next generation Samsung devices. According to the different sources on the web, Samsung has prepared the new camera sensor which is dubbed as ISOCELL. This new sensor is based on latest optics technology of Samsung and promising to be 8 times better results [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored with 2160p display

October 31, 2013

A new trend for the high definition displays is already arrived in the smartphone market. In near future, the trend will move from 1080p to 2160p display standard. Already one of the Chinese manufacturers Vivo has launched Play 3S smartphone with 2k resolution display and now here is the challenge for other manufacturers to bring the same. Interestingly, here is a rumor stating Galaxy Note 4 would be the Samsung’s first smartphone / phablet with native resolution of 2160p. Samsung [...]