Galaxy S5

Ultra High Definition Display in the Samsung Galaxy S5

October 31, 2013

Better resolution is something that consumers are always looking for in their smart phones. When a new device is released, the one thing that people look at is the display resolution. Over the years, there has been increasing demand for high definition displays. The technology is being adopted in smart phone devices that are being released. One of the devices that is set to come with the ultra high definition display is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Imagining the Possibilities There [...]

What are Galaxy S5 Release Date and Specifications?

October 13, 2013

Among the most anticipated highlights of 2014 is the release of the next generation Smartphone of all times, the android Samsung Galaxy S5. Nothing can come between the truth and reality about the magnitude of its anticipation. But the real problem apart from release date is its specs, features and price. The latter is however mind boggling. Everything is stunning about this gadget. There are several positive changes or better put, fine tunings it’s about to introduce. According to rumors [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 is on Fire With Rumors All Around

May 10, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be highly successful among the fans, since it will have some of the finest features. Let us have a look at the top four rumors surrounding the upcoming flagship smartphone by Samsung. 1. Galaxy S5 is Going to Have a Metallic Body A metallic body is always more appealing than a plastic one. The recent launch of Galaxy S4 by Samsung has resulted in widespread criticism of the company for the use of polycarbonate [...]