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Better resolution is something that consumers are always looking for in their smart phones. When a new device is released, the one thing that people look at is the display resolution. Over the years, there has been increasing demand for high definition displays. The technology is being adopted in smart phone devices that are being released. One of the devices that is set to come with the ultra high definition display is the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Imagining the Possibilities

There has not been any official word from Samsung about the specs that are going to come in the next Galaxy S smart phone. That has however not stopped people from imaging all they can. There have been reports that Samsung will include the ultra HD in their smart phone to provide for the demand in better screen performance. Samsung Galaxy devices come with full touch screen functions and an ultra HD display would mean better accuracy for the user.

An ultra HD display would also come with good sound quality. It would also mean better video recording. This is the technology that allows for users to watch videos on their phones in HD. One of the reasons why people clamor for smart phone technology is to be able to get applications on the move. When people have the chance to watch the same videos they would on their HD TVs, it evens the odds. This technology will make the Galaxy S5 a device to keep an eye out for.

The technology that is keeping the gadget world buzzing is the 4K ultra HD displays. This would mean a higher pixel count for the displays. That is about 3840×2160. The 4K display would however require more memory on the device. This is something that Samsung would have to consider if they decide to go with the 4K ultra HD display. There are reports that Samsung will diamond-shaped and hexagonal layout for the displays. This would ensure that the display had a larger number of pixels. Having this technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5 would make it a worthy competition for the other devices in the market.

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