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With different smart-phones in the market, nothing beats the fact that iPhone 6 – The Most Glamorous Smartphone For 2014. This is one of most anticipated devices in the market that comes with a wide range of exceptional and impressive features. The device has a clear, large and high quality screen that offers incredible display. iPhone 6 comes with a screen of 4.8 inches. This is a great feature that will make your experience when playing games, texting, making calls or browsing one of a kind. To top it all, you can write on the screen with a pencil.

Extra features that make iPhone 6 exceptional

Additionally, the device is amazing and a glamorous smartphone that comes with a wireless charging system. The device operates on integrating wireless charging and this is a feature that makes it a smartphone of a kind. It is also one of the latest technologies that offer you peace of mind when using your gadget. What’s more, it comes with a charging mat with an amazing storing capability. This means that you can comfortably use your smartphone wire free as you charge it.

Iphone 6 is also highly advanced and it is a phone that offers the best thumb scanning technology. You will use your phone comfortably and even if you forget it at home or in the office, no one can go through it because it recognizes you thumb only. You may also decide to have a password and incase you forget it, you wont have any reason to fret. This is based on the fact that it is easy to unlock the device by simply placing your thumb on the screen. The device recognizes your thumb patterns and it helps to enhance security of your device unlike in the case of its predecessors.

The other feature that makes iphone 6 one of the most glamorous smartphones is that it comes with a high quality camera. If you are a photo lover, you will definitely have great moments with your device.  It comes with a 2megapixels camera and highly advanced 60frames per second. This is a useful feature for facetime. The camera also comes with an imaging sensor for up to 1080 videos.

Iphone 6 is also bendable and waterproof. Therefore, you can use your phone comfortably in different environs. It can survive without any possible damage if you drop it in 10m depth underwater.

Iphone 6 is simply a glamorous and breathtaking device with an extra sensitive screen. It also comes with 3D teleconferencing options, more colors and is stylish.

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