Why Note 4 Has to Be Bigger, Faster and Thinner

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The Galaxy S5 has won the many hearts with its features and technology at the recently concluded MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung has now got the trick of leaving people amazed with their jaws touching the ground and dreaming to owe one of the devices from them.

Now, on the April 11th the Galaxy S5 will be in the hand of people from the 150 countries of the world. After the launch of Galaxy S5, the Samsung will start the campaigning for the other Galaxy flagship model which is its famous phablet series phone Note 4.

Why Note 4 Has to Be Bigger, Faster and Thinner

The Galaxy Note series however is the famous among the users but, the last launch Note 3 was not very effective as it was supposed to be. The Note 3 was slower, smaller and a little thicker than the expectations of the users due to which it lasts for only a few months in the market.

But, now it is the time for gearing up for the new Note 4 in the hand and this time it has to faster, bigger and thinner than the expectations of the users, if the company wants this phone to perform well in the market.

The Note 3 was not the slowest in reality, but as the market has witnessed the better technology since the launch of the Note 3 and the Note 4 has to be compatible with the today’s demand.

The Note 3 had 5.7 inches of display, which I guess is quite enough to make you comfortable while watching a movie without the feel of compression. However, the launch of new phablets like Nokia Lumia 1520 with over 6 inches of screen has made it mandatory for the Samsung to follow the rule and make the screen of upcoming Note 4 at least 6 inches in order to thrive.

The Note had the fastest processor of that time, which was Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 @2.3 GHz with the whooping 3 GB RAM. Now, that is something really fast, but, the Samsung is known in the market for it’s out of the world features and this time too, the customers are waiting for the features like eye scroll, writing identification, fingerprint scanner and much more.

Now, if the features make the reality, then Samsung has to provide, the better processor and the higher RAM (Approx 4 GB) to make the features run smoothly on your new Note 4. In simple terms, it has to be faster!

On the design aspect, the Samsung is lagging far behind. All the phones have the same look and it’s a disgrace for such a big company. I guess the Note 3 was quite a good model in its dimensions with 5.7 inches of length, 3.15 inch of width and 0.35 inches of thickness.

But, the users were found to say that the phone was a little thick, so this time to meet the requirements of users and to become a hit the Galaxy Note 4 has to thinner also.

If you guys think that there could be some more suggestions also for the upcoming note 4 then you can let us know them in the comment section below.

More about Note 5 the successor of galaxy note 4here.

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