What are Galaxy S5 Release Date and Specifications?

by Gustavo on October 13, 2013 · 0 comments · Smartphones

Among the most anticipated highlights of 2014 is the release of the next generation Smartphone of all times, the android Samsung Galaxy S5. Nothing can come between the truth and reality about the magnitude of its anticipation. But the real problem apart from release date is its specs, features and price.

The latter is however mind boggling. Everything is stunning about this gadget. There are several positive changes or better put, fine tunings it’s about to introduce. According to rumors from reliable sources, S5 capabilities are responses to proposals made on S4 by loyal customers; about what should be improved or checked about the already celebrated and stunning S4.

Remarkable Changes From Its Predecessor S4

Among the top changes is definitely on external aspects. To start with, designers of Galaxy S5 are likely to eliminate the urge to release a relatively cheap looking Smartphone. How? By adopting classier and more tenacious aluminum or magnesium covers. This will replace the brittle plastics common with other Smartphone. It will definitely change how people view Smartphone’s external.

The next change is on the display and convenience. Rumor is rife that Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a full length capacitive multi touch screen. This is also well targeted at eliminating the popular risks of activating a link here or a button there after inadvertently ‘touching’ a touch sensitive screen before screen lock.

On to the inside, where the crux of things lies, this gadget is set to bring in an all time awesome experience. From the processing ability, to memory and speed to media and camera support, this gadget is typically a computer. Firstly, it is rumored to support a v5.0 android among other supports. This is a clear confirmation that everything offered in the android technology for instance apps downloads all have been captured in this candybar item of desire. More focus however shifts to the processor.

It’s a 64bit processor. What can come better and modern but a Smartphone capable of handling its arithmetic and operations like this. This comes perfect when combined with its proposed internal memory of 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM plus external memory to expand. What can be deduced here is that once the gadget Samsung Galaxy S5 is processing massive data at one go; it is also able to relate, work with it and store it more efficiently.

Media gallery shockers

It is set to feature a 16GB resolution primary camera compounded with a 5GB secondary camera. The media gallery; the music and video of S4 are set to improve drastically with Galaxy S5. The item has its own ways of enhancing security with acutely sensitive sensors. These include the proximity sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer.

However, it can only be mind boggling to learn all these without knowing roughly when it will hit the market. The problem however is that up to date; no official communication has been made about its release. It’s however never hard to speculate when Samsung might just do it. Rumor is rife that the wait won’t go beyond March 2014. It’s therefore only prudent to sit and wait for the big date to be announced by Samsung known as Galaxy S5.

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