Speculations Surrounding iOS 8

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Apple’s next generation Operating System for smartphone and tablets i.e. iOS 8 is going to get released this year and thus news about the rumoured features of iOS 8is buzzing in the air. The tech geeks are all the more excited about iOS 8 because the Tim Cook, the CEO of this giant mobile manufacturing brand has confirmed time and again that Apple has ‘big plans’ for the year 2014.

Rumors has it the iOS 8 development project has been code named ‘Okemo’ by Apple and insiders have tipped us that iOS 8 will have features that is going to surprise the users. Here are some of features of iOS 8 that the tech geeks are expecting it have:

Touch ID

A far more advanced Touch ID feature was introduced in Apple’s iPhone 5s which made the iPhone much more personal and safe for users. In a press meet in 2014, Tim Cook has mentioned that they were surprised by the amount of commerce that iPhone users do with their phone and it is much more in comparison with the other platform. He also commented that there is huge scope for Apple to further develop this facet of the platform. Thus, we can conclude that iOS 8 is going to come with much more advanced security features. Apple has always come with advanced security features and lets see how it is going to surprise us this time.


iOS 7 undoubtedly came up with major changes in its features as well as user interface, but there were certain areas where we still expect modifications. First amongst those is the notification feature. iOS 7 users need to launch an app to use it and in this process the app that they have been using will shut down automatically. This is really inconvenient and we expect some changes in this genre. Sam Beckett has come with an awesome concept design to combat this problem and we expect a similar modification in iOS 8. There should also enough opportunity for multitasking in iOS 8 whereby the users can open up more than one app at the same time by sharing the same screen.

Multiple Accounts

Apple has always focused on making their range of gadgets more personalized and secured which is really appreciable. But the implementation of this policy has created many problems as well. iPhones have become so personal that it is impossible for a family member to access a phone even in time of needs. Thus in iOS 8 we expect the facility to have multiple accounts whereby the other users can access some apps of the phone in times of need.


Apple has been always very partial towards Safari, i.e. the browser that has been developed by Apple itself. But Safari is not user friendly and the iPhone or iPad users do not like using them, instead most of them use Firefox or Chrome. Yet, Apple has maintained its stand on making Safari the only default browser of the iGadgets. We think that its time for Apple to be a bit more flexible with its features instead of maintaining its stand on particular issues, as that will help Apple to win more clients from over the globe.

These are some of the major overhauling that we feel that the iOS 8 must have. Looking forward to your shout outs so that the manufactures can have an idea about the public opinion before rolling out their next platform.

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