Snapdragon 810 comes between your excitement and Xperia Z4, Compact Concept Image makes it interesting

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If upcoming 2015 is said to be one of the most exciting years for smartphone lovers, then stuffs like Sony Xperia Z4 are the one why it is said so. It was already in a lot of buzz, but it got hiked to many folds after the “Compact” mini edition surfaced. The device is the attention of designer Wan Mal’s latest idea that appears with a line-up of speculated specs for the smartphone.


Sony devices have been in centre of attraction for their terrific look, and Sony Xperia Z4 provokes this mindset even more. Anyway, not only look, but the whole device is quite good. It sports a 4.8 inches HD display with 900 x 1600 pixel resolution with the perfect combination of 352 ppi density. There is a 2800 mAh battery available at its back offering a couple of days back-up.

Performance: Patience needed now for sweet taste of Snapdragon 810

Coming to the performance, there is Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 available mated with 3 GB RAM for the job. However, good news is that Sony is considering Snapdragon 810 for the Xperia Z4. But, you have to hold your nerves a bit more if anything like such happens; in fact there is a lot of probability for the same as well. Sony will try more revamped parts as well in mean time if anything such happens.

Reportedly processor units over 810 are found to be certain issues like getting heated at varied voltage states. These might hamper the device’s performance that Sony can’t even think by mistake.  In addition, the source adds that Sony wants to re check certain other aspects like drive flaws and others with RAM controller of the unit with the processor.

Challenges ahead:

But, Sony would never want to delay the process too long or do things in a relaxed way. Reason is quite apparent, as we know the fighter rivals like LG, Samsung are ready to grab the opportunity through G4, and S6. Anyway, it may go for any optional parts like Exynos with Samsung as well. But, let’s hope for the best.

Rumour mills make it interesting; this time certain rumour mill claims that the device may combine the processing unit with 4 GB RAM, which is not an impossible part though. The same source claims about a 3420 mAh battery to back up the system as well.

Platform, Graphics, Camera:

Playing games with Sony’s terrific display is always an addictive practice, and Xperia Z4 proves it perfectly through Adreno 420 GPU. Xperia Z line-up devices hold a special reputation for their bath loving and dust proof quality, and Xperia Z4 as well as Xperia Z5 ensures it again with IP65/68 certification. The device gets operated through Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. In terms of snapper, it packs a 20.7 MP rear end camera along the 5MP front shooter for your selfie obsession. Needless to mention I think about the snapping quality through a Sony device.

Storage and others:

For all your overloaded stuffs the product has 32 GB native storage space that can be expanded through microSD slots to about 128 GB. Apart from this, features like Xperia LED notification option, double stereo speaker unit make a good bundle on a whole.

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