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Do you know what “secure web browser” is? No, then don’t worry in this post am going to clear you doubt with the help of best internet browser for hackers and for those who are addicted to online shopping and social networking because these people mostly enter their information on internet and share with millions of people searching for your information.

If you are thinking why millions of people searching for your information then this is your answer. Because they want your sensitive info like your passwords, ATM card number and account number there are many other info’s which can be used by other for their purpose for example your ATM card number
can be used for carding. Know more about Carding.
Now after reading this I am sure you are thinking of how to protect yourself from these problems then the solution is very simple just use secure browser and do anonymous surfing on internet. In this article I am going to tell you how to browser securely on internet and use proxy while browsing. Here are the best secure browsers for you. Use one of these browser and stay away from trackers and you can also bypass firewalls which are setup by your ISP’s.
Epic privacy browser is based on chromium and IT is the best example of a browser which eliminates every possible feature which is a loophole for privacy. It removes features to increases privacy is the best thing about this browser. After each session it eliminates cookies and trackers, Firm’s own servers are used to proxy every search done through this browser. Epic privacy browser attempts to prioritize SSL connection.  It is very useful for public WiFi connection, if you are using and public wifi connection then you must have to use these kind of browsers because in maximum times hackers are in search of sensitive information in public areas. You don’t have to add any extra plugin to block ads it have excellent ad blocking built-in system. If you want fully-encrypted connection between your browser and server then for this it have an green color proxy button. But when you activate that proxy feature it will slow down you browsing speed.
It doesn’t seem to include anti-phishing and malware protection which is now a days found in almost every browser.
Link :- Click Here
Comodo Dragon/Ice Dragon
Dragon secure browser is continually improved by Comodo, Divided into two versions which are based on Chromium (Dragon) and other one is based on firefox (Ice Dragon). Both versions of browsers maintain compatibility with thing like favorites if you desired, plugins and also stored passwords. It gives user the ability to choose whether to use SecureDNS server for entire application or not to use at all. Siteinspector is also included in comodo, siteinspector is a system for filtering URLs which are suspected during the time of access.
Downside: – A parallel world is created in chrome and Firefox by comodo which leads to minus some of
the tracking and with some extra added layers of security.
Link :- Click Here
Tor Browser
It is a watchword for the anti-surveillance. Entire network of tor browser is built on hidden relay servers. It is built by modifying firefox and as we all know firefox can be installed on a windows, Mac or linux Operating system. And one more thing it can also install on a USB stick.  Many users think this is an secure browser but realty is it is an advanced privacy browser rather than a secure one. Tor browser is designed for the users who want to browser anonymously. It uses only HTTPS connections and also enforce HTTP to HTTPS.
Downside of using Tor Browser :- Slower than other browsers. Everyone think if anyone using tor then
he or she is trying to hide something related to cyber space.
Link :- Click Here
Multi-platform based on chromium and really hard to use. It assumes that the user who is using dooble wants to be in incognito from the off. HTTPS can be enforced and session cookies which are in iFrames are blocked automatically. It encrypts every user data like history, browser preferences and bookmarks also with the help of ciphers and a passphrase. User can set privacy like for every tab user can set privacy by right clicking on it. It somewhat faster than other browsers.
Downside of using dooble :- When dooble is on its default state it automatically disables some features
like flash and JavaScript because of insecure interface.
Link :- Click Here
Maxthon Cloud Browser
It is not a secure browser but it is a new type of bowser which is compatible with a new type of HTML5 browser. Originally maxthon is designed in China. Its not a security browser but it claimed that it protects user from AdBlock Plus. Synchronisation of files to send them in its cloud these are encrypted by AES256 and also it says all it employee are limited to access its customer’s data.
Downside of using Maxthon :- We know that maxthon is integrated with cloud but in security view it is
not batter that any other browser listed above and it  is very poorly explained to its users also documented.
Link :- Click Here
HTTPS Everywhere
It is not a browser it is a plug-in which enforce SSL security wherever that can be possible in chrome, firefox and opera browser. It is very easy to start with HTTPS on any website but there are some links which are sent back with non-HTTPS means only HTTP and also without realizing it.
Downside of using HTTPS Everywhere :- It is an plug-in simply.
Link :- Click Here :-
Final Words
So that’s it this is our collection of best secure web browsers which protects you from evil hackers. If you are using any other synonymous surfing web browser then comment below, we will review that browser and add it to our list. And also if you have any doubt then let us know we will try to answer you ASAP.

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