Samsung Galaxy S6: The sureshot winner!

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In recent times, Samsung has the world going crazy over the Galaxy S5, which is being quite well received all over, with its impressive features such as the brilliant display and waterproof capabilities. But this just seems to be the beginning for the South Korean electronics giant, which is the most successful smartphone company in the world. Rumors seem to suggest that this legacy will be continued with the Samsung Galaxy S6 next year, and it will be far better than any of its predecessors in every aspect.

Samsung Galaxy S6: The sureshot winner!

The hype surrounding the Galaxy S6 is huge, and is increasing with each passing day, with technology and smartphone enthusiasts speculating on the Galaxy S6 specifications, price, release dates, features and other details. If these rumors are to be believed, then the S6 could just be the best smartphone of the year 2015, leaving behind other bigwigs such as the Sony Xperia Z3 and Apple iPhone 6 which too are slated to release sometime next year.

Some rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are path breaking to say the least, like a 4K resolution, curved display. The detailed rumored features(on various gadget forums) are listed as below.

  1. Zippy Exynos CPU: Breeze through routine apps and much more with the amazingly quick Exynos 8 processor, which is expected to consist of an 8 core architecture for enhanced power utilization.
  2. 4K resolution, 6.2” bendable display: Though this seems a bit unlikely, you never know with Samsung. A crisp 6.2 inch screen with ultra HD 4K resolution for the ultimate viewing experience could be on the cards of the Galaxy S6.
  3. 20 MegaPixel Shutter: The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to house a 20 MP camera with ISOCELL technology by Samsung, capable of clicking realistic snaps even under low light. A front camera of 7 MP is also expected for video conferencing and Skype calls.
  4. Android Kitkat OS:  The fastest and bloatware free Android OS, 4.4 Kitkat is expected to come installed in the Galaxy S6, although if any later version of Android is released in the coming months, hen that could be possible as well, but as of now it seems to be a remote possibility.
  5. Fingerprint scanner for security: Protect sensitive data in your Galaxy S6 from unauthorized access and misuse with the fingerprint scanner facility included on the home button. It is expected to function by mapping and storing your fingerprint patterns which would be used to safely lock or unlock your device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price and Release Date speculations:

The Galaxy S6 is the current talk of the town, which has been further fueled post the release of the S5. So naturally, people are also enquiring what will be the price of the phone.  According to certain online reports, you could own the Galaxy S6 for $800, meaning it won’t be an “affordable” handset, but it will be definitely worth the price you pay for it. Also, it is expected to release around summer time next year,  that is the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available near you around March or April 2015.

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