Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored with 2160p display

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A new trend for the high definition displays is already arrived in the smartphone market. In near future, the trend will move from 1080p to 2160p display standard. Already one of the Chinese manufacturers Vivo has launched Play 3S smartphone with 2k resolution display and now here is the challenge for other manufacturers to bring the same. Interestingly, here is a rumor stating Galaxy Note 4 would be the Samsung’s first smartphone / phablet with native resolution of 2160p.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 2160p display would be a massive device. Presently, Samsung is reached to 1080p level for its smartphone and tablets. If this rumor is true then a new trend could hit the market. But more than 10 months are left for the Samsung Note 4 release. There are also rumors, this massive ultra high definition display may debut in Galaxy S5 smartphone but chances are less because, Samsung is already leaked that they are releasing it January 2014. And there is no confirmation of mass production of such display at Samsung manufacturing units.

On other hand, rumors like ISOCELL camera sensor, 64-bit chipset with true octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and long distance wireless charging capabilities, Galaxy Note 4 is attracting lots more new fans. No doubt, with this system configuration any smartphone would be beast. The present market already has powerful smartphone but in near future next generation smartphone will arrive. In 2014 smartphone market we might see big internal changes that could set as the high end standards as 2K resolution display, atleast 8-core 64-bit chipset processor, 21MP camera and long distance wireless charging capabilities.

Above discussed standard would join hands with Galaxy Note 4 and will make it unbeatable verdict in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales are going as per the expectations of Samsung but on other hand, Galaxy S4 sales are highly affected by iPhone 5S and Xperia Z1. And the January release of Galaxy S5 in 2014 would change the condition of Samsung market.

Let’s wait and watch for the action play of Galaxy Note 4 which is starting next year 2014. Till then you may subscribe to Samsung Note 4 blog for being n touch with all latest updates of Note 4.

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