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Are you interested in knowing whether you can preorder the Samsung Galaxy S6 now? It’s good curiosity, very understandable. No on can really comprehend what the gadget will bring. If rumors came true, the Galaxy S6 will change the world of Smartphone big-time.

Yet, you will be interested to learn that Samsung have not yet started accepting any pre orders for Samsung Galaxy S6! In fact, we are first looking at the imminent release of S5 and probably note 4 before we can now settle for the S6.

This however does not mean Samsung has not communicated anything believable about S6. We already know pretty sure that S6 will follow S5. This is according to news from Samsung itself. That is one hurdle of the way to the release of S6. Another fact we can rely on to base believe about the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 is the leaked images, reliable rumors about it, its features, specs and price and dates of release. These are all facts that can make us confirm that in deed Samsung is in the process of devising a new gadget in the name of S6.

Instead of concentrating onS6 preorder at this moment;

Research more about S6. News and info is tripling from reliable websites allied to Samsung everyday pointing at incredible features and specs that will define S6. Of late, two major rumors have led to an absolute conclusion about S6. These are:

Specs and features S6

One fact about every new gadget from Samsung is that it’s a perfection of the predecessor. That is why S6 will bring better things than what we already see in S4 and what we hope to see with S5. Reliable rumors have confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with:

  • OS android 6.0;
  • 18megapixel camera;
  • Higher than 2.3GHz of processor speed;
  • GravityUX
  • More than quad core snapdragon 800 processor power;
  • Battery power of about 4500mAh;
  • 4.5” screen-OLED display; among other highlighted features and specs

If these are not what will probe you to pre order S6 once the date is announced, then you may be interested with the uniqueness of the slim, sleek, tenacious cover of this gadget.

The release date and the price S6

Although it has not been announced, the release date will help you predict the preorder. It must of course come after 2014 after the debut of the much publicized S5 but it will truly be a gadget to die for.

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