Galaxy Note 4 camera 8x better than Note 3 rumored: Specs & Features

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Just couple of weeks ago, Galaxy Note 3 started its journey and now its big brother Galaxy Note 4 has started coming in the breaking news. Here comes the information regarding the upcoming camera sensor in the next generation Samsung devices.

According to the different sources on the web, Samsung has prepared the new camera sensor which is dubbed as ISOCELL. This new sensor is based on latest optics technology of Samsung and promising to be 8 times better results in output as compare to the present generation Samsung camera sensors for a smartphone or tablet. Interestingly, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 smartphone could be the very first Samsung devices to get this sensor.

If we observe the leaked report on the ISOCELL sensor, the improvements are praising that Samsung managed to bring. The module has the power to improve the brightness by 8 times as compare to the Galaxy Note 3 in the low light functionality.

On the top of the best camera smartphone list, Xperia Z1 and Nokia 1020 are leading and if this report regarding the 8 times better performance Samsung ISOCELL in Galaxy Note 4 is true then Samsung might bring a revolution in the market. Also the new Samsung ISOCELL sensor module would have low power consumption and anti-shake function which can actually correct an angular error of up to 1.5°. These results are really impressing.

The rumors of Galaxy Note 4 are not limited to just best camera sensor but also earlier leaked rumors including 2160p ultra high definition display, true 8-core processor and 4GB RAM are adding spices to excitement.

Almost 10 months are left for the release of Galaxy Note 4, the predecessor of samsung galaxy note 5 and people have already started imagining its shape and design. Well, expectations always define the taste of a smart device; if one device doesn’t prove itself to the people expectations then it always have to suffer. But that’s also the true; expectations should be limited to the practical sense.

This blog talks more about samsung galaxy note 5, the successor.

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