Five reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

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Samsung galaxy S6 is the new gadget yet to be released in the market. S6 is a phone that you can’t afford not to have. This phone comes with class and features that have never been seen in the history of phones. Everything about this phone will take you away. With the new S6, you will become a slave of your own phone!

There are so many reasons why you should go for this phone. But I will give you the most important reasons that you should have Samsung galaxy S6. Reasons that will make you not resist buying the new model of galaxy.

Water resistance

The new S6 will have a body that is water resistance. This means that you won’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged after falling into water.


The fastest growing OS is the android. The new phone will come outfitted with the latest android. That is 5.0.

It’s the best of the best

Samsung galaxy S6 is the best of all the galaxies released in the market. It comes with a different, unique style; a style that will leave your mouth agape with admiration.

Price and Life span

No doubt when you purchase this phone, you will stay with it for long if not forever. Its unique features will give you a reason not to buy another phone. As it’s well known, when something knew comes in the market, the price is always high. Though there are no estimates of the price, rest assured that it will be an affordable price; a price that you won’t have to complain about when you compare the features that the device comes with.


The phones memory is just what you need. You will be able to store as many pictures, videos as you want. The internal memory comes in 64GB. To make it more awesome, it is expandable up to 128GB. This is just too great for most people to believe! (Check )


Samsung galaxy S6 is designed using a new technology which is yet to be instigated. This includes;

- It’s wireless ability to charge! Just imagine having no more terminals, chargers, sockets, any time you need to charge the phone!

-Its ability to control any printers installed with Wi-Fi not forgetting air gestures

With this new device, you will be able to scan fingerprints. This is just awesome

Now you see why you should have the new Samsung galaxy S6? The reasons are so immense. Make sure S6 is the next in your phone budget. This phone will rock your world. This time around, roll in style!

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