Fitbit Flex: A perfect product for contemporary health

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Fitbit Flex is a perfect product in accordance with the mindset of contemporary lifestyle. It itself is a trimmed, trendy stuff that can mate with you through out the day. It loves working, always. During your working hours the product keeps all record of the number of steps you climbed, the kms you covered, and the amount of fat your boil.

Secret alarm, 24 x7 active:

Even during your resting hour, the product keeps on working. It judges your pattern and quality of sleep. Unlike the orthodox alarms the product never makes annoying sound and makes the life of other person nearby hectic. It has different parameters those make you aware of the level of your achievement through the product. Fitbit Flex is both encouraging and energetic at the same time.

Get what you got:

Fitbit Flex lets the person assigning a target and there is lightening system to aware you regarding your progress. There are LED lights. Every light exhibits twenty percent of your target. You have options like steps, fats, or path. In short, this is like a scoreboard that provokes you to be increasingly energetic.


The device plays through Fitbit’s enhanced technology concept. It has the best accelerometer to offer most accurate output. The best part here is that the results are presented in exact figures unlike other conventional ways where they represent in terms of average.

It never feels like there is something on your body. Even during night you can have it on your body through out and it keeps on manipulating your sleep quality. The dashboard makes you aware of the amount of sleep you got and the number of times you got disturbed through the process. It also brings you with suggestions on how your sleep quality can be enhanced. As we have mentioned above, it has a vibrative alarm system that awakes you in a gentle manner.

The best recommendation is to go through a perfect wrist band and wear it always, day and night. Great to see is that the product is water and sweat resistive in nature.

Can be mated well with iOS, Android, etc:

It is a fantastic product to use. Flex can be spontaneously linked through your system, iOS, android, and smartphones without usage of plug-in buttons, so that you can deal with your statistics through the day. It is even interesting through the NFC enabled products; your report is made available just through a tap.

Perfect guidance regarding your food, workout, etc:

There are plenty of tools and applications available over the web to set targets and have a look at your achievements through various statistical and graphical presentations. It guides you regarding your food, and workouts as well offering continuous encouragements at one bundle.

Excellent control:

You can take the help of GPS from your device to manipulate various aspects like timing, paths, place, etc. It shows the paths as you start moving. You can take a look at your history and direct maps. There is the option to have all information about your workout.

It’s not boring at all; you can have full control over your music straight from the application as you can enjoy on the go.

Author Bio : Abhilash Thakur is the founder of who has a keen eye on news, rumors around Fitbit. You can check the latest fitbit coupon

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