Are Laptops Being Overtaken By Tablets?

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The tablet computer has been around from as early as 2000, with Microsoft first proposing the idea to make computing even more portable than the current trend of the time which was the laptop.

Although, it was fair to say that no one really cared about tablets up until as late as April of 2010 when Apple released their very first iPad. Apple still continues to be the market leader of tablet computing even still to this day.

Ever since the release of Apple’s tablet, competition has grown and grown with companies such as Samsung, Microsoft and Acer trying to overthrow the technology giant.

One of the leaders in consumer market research, NPD, predicted that in 2013 240 million tablets will be shipped, whereas only 207 million laptops will ship. They also went on to predict that tablets will see a 64% increase year-on-year in shipping in 2013.

Rise in demand of IT technical support

One of the main ways that we can see that the tablet computer is taking over the laptop, other than consumer market research, is by looking at IT Support centres.

Local IT Support centre in Surrey,, have said that they have seen a rise in demand of technical support that is required and related to tablets for both businesses and personal users.

This suggests that there are a growing number of tablets being sold to the consumer as there is an increase demand for support.

Why is there this growing demand?

As our lives become increasingly mobile, the demand for technology to be forever more portable is increasing too to help aid our new fast paced lifestyles of the 21st century.

We are always on the go, this means that working at a standard office desk is being more out-dated every year with many offices adopting adaptable and agile environments which fulfills the need of portable computing within business..

Outside of work too, people are becoming more mobile and are getting more and more hungry to be connected to everyone anywhere that they go.

Yes, mobile phones are the most portable technology that there is around at the moment, but the screen is too small and the memory and RAM is not adequate enough to mimic the use of the laptop.

There is where the tablet comes in. The slim and lightweight design of the tablet computer makes them perfect for on the go connectivity and productivity.

The average tablet screen size is between 7 inches and 10 inches and weighs around 0.5lbs to 1lbs.

This makes it perfect for browsing the internet, typing up document or finalising a meeting presentation.

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