Apple Ipad Air 3 VS Ipad Air 2: The War Coming Soon

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Apple got massive hit worldwide, today there are several people using the Apple devices. Now Apple plans to launch a new invention of Apple iPad. The developer hopes this future generation will get big success in the world market. The previous model of Apple iPad was impressive so many people likewise the people expect this same success in Apple iPad Air 3. The Apple iPad Air 2 is functioning all around the world presently. The developer adds some extra astonishing features on the Apple iPad Air 3 regarding the battery, memory and design.

Display, Price Rate And Release Date

The Apple iPad Air 2 was released in October month of 2014, likewise the developer can released the future invention during the month of October. This Apple iPad Air may launch in the year of 2015 in October month but this is not confirmed and these are the rumors of the Apple users. Surely, the developer could design this new generation with some additional surprising features. The dimension of iPad Air 2 has 6.1×169.5×240 mm and the weight of Air 2 device is 437 g. The Apple iPad Air 3 can be designed with A9 processor and it is very thinner. The Price rate of iPad Air 2 was released with $499 and the new iPad Air 3 may launch $ 500 price amount. The Apple iPad Air 2 has 9.9-inch screen display density and the Air 2 has 9.7-screen display density rate. The Apple iPad Air 2 has 1536×2048 screen resolution with 246-ppi pixel rates. On the other hand the Apple iPad Air 3 can have 2048×1536 screen resolution along with the 264-ppi-pixel rate. The iPad Air 3 can give high performance when compared to the iPad Air 3 device. This will give high quality of display range when compared to the previous model.

Memory Space And Camera Sensor

There are 16M varieties of colors available in Air 2 along with high capacity touch screen monitor and LED flash light. Likewise the new generation can have the same 16M colors and it may be released with three different types of color design such as space gray, gold and silver. The RAM memory storage of iPad Air 2 has 2 Giga Bytes and this storage space may expand up to 128 Giga Bytes range through the MicroSD card. The future generation of iPad Air 3 may release with 4 Giga Bytes memory range and this can expand up to 128 Giga Bytes via MicroSD card. The people can able to store wide range of music files and folders through this new memory space. The Apple iPad Air 2 has 8 mega pixel ranges of back camera sensor and 3264*2448 pixel rate. The New iPad Air 3 may release with 5Mp to 8Mp rear camera and 1.2 Mp of front camera. This can give high clarity and quality of images to the people. In addition the Apple iPad Air 3 would hit the market with new operating system iOS 9 and can have 64-bit core processor.

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