August 2014

Things about dealguru by askme

August 28, 2014

What used to be a luxury which only few could afford, has indeed become a household requirement, now. Popularity along with rising rivalry has brought down the price of merchandises at lower levels. Hence, working with such terms in line, one of the online sites specifically AskMeBazaar has come up by giving an awesome extravagance and convenience of shopping in the Indian Design. The motive was to better enrich in addition to multiply the attempts of Indian shoppers. Hence, considering [...]

Download askme app and enjoy great deals

August 18, 2014

The efficiency of a Smartphone depends upon the programs the mobile device has, that’s like the more useful and helpful apps a Smartphone has, the easier it is for the user. The popularity and rise of Smartphones is evident everywhere and almost everyone has a Smartphone nowadays. Cellular Telephone fabricates have seen demand to create practical programs that help users cope and manage to take care of issues that affect their day to day lives. What is AskMe? AskMe is [...]